Stories Through Photography

Step into the fascinating world of the Mentawai tribe in Indonesia with my photo collection. Experience their unique way of life through this gallery that beautifully narrates their story. For a deeper insight, check out my blog post, where I share firsthand experiences from my fascinating journey with the tribe.

Ever since I first moved to Mexico, I have always wanted to spend the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City and view the famous parade. I was fortunate enough to be able to not only watch but also participate in it. I invite you to discover a world of vibrant cultural experiences through my engaging event shoots.

Not digital nomads, just nomads! Welcome to the nomadic culture of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, where tradition meets the vast expanse of the desert sands. Here, life revolves around ancient customs passed down through generations, offering a glimpse into a lifestyle shaped by breathtaking landscapes. You can also explore my blog post, where I share personal experiences and insights gained from my time with this incredible tribe.

This festival may be unusual, but for me, it’s Mexico’s most vibrant: the Carnival of Huejotzingo! Look at the mock battles, parades, and live music that fill the air with excitement. Join us as we celebrate the rich history, culture, and traditions of this lively event. I also invite you to discover more fascinating cultural experiences through my event photography.

Explore my captivating collection of portrait shots captured in extraordinary locations worldwide, featuring my partner. Wander through my gallery, and for more diverse photos, explore my services, where you’ll discover a wide range of subjects, techniques, and captivating moments.

Come and take a look at the vibrant colors and rich legacy of ceramics in Mexico, an art form dating back thousands of years to the Pre-Columbian period. Learn how families have preserved and adapted this age-old craft, passing down techniques and traditions through generations.

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